In this case, R2-RV2 are effectively set to give a basic range of 2. The connections are similar to those of Figure 14 , except that pin 9 is taken to pin 3 on each IC, and a R current-limiting resistor is wired in series with each LED to reduce the power dissipation of the ICs. The only constraint on using the divider is that its voltage must not be greater than 2V less than the ICs supply voltage which is limited to 25V maximum. The will pull low but the wants a high signal to turn on the output. The supply voltage to this circuit must be at least two volts greater than the zener reference voltage. How we go about computing this is this: Figure 7 shows how the internal reference of the IC can be made to effectively provide a variable voltage, enabling the meter FSD value to be set anywhere in the range 1.

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This is the signal pin.

20 LEDs 0 To 20V Bar-Graph Voltage Meter Using LM3914

Resistor values may vary. In practice, the IC can be powered from DC supplies in the range of three to 25 bae, and the LEDs can use the same supply as the IC or can be independently powered; this latter option can be used to keep the IC power dissipation at a minimal level.

The output of each comparator is externally available, and can sink up to displwy the sink currents are internally limited, and can be externally pre-set via a single resistor R1.

An over-range alarm-driver circuit, for use with bar-type displays. The same voltage that powers the chip can be used for V LED We do not have to connect current-limiting resistors to the LEDs grapg the R1 resistor functions as the current-limiting resistor. Next in pins 6,7, 8, we place our biasing resistors R1 and R2 to obtain the current of 10mA.


How we go about computing this is this: An Gar bar graph is a device that can be a visual indicator of voltage output. By fitting potential divider Rx-RV1 to the input of the circuit, this range can be amplified to say V, or whatever range is desired.

Bar-display voltmeter with separate LED supply.

LMN – LM Bar-Graph Display Driver

If you are using LEDs with pins 6″ or longer, then you would place a capacitor in parallel to this pin. In this circuit, we will be using the same for both.

IC-driven bar-graph displays make inexpensive and, in some ways, superior alternatives to analog-indicating moving-coil meters. Look for CMOS hex inverter chip. According to the datasheet, if you are not using LEDs with leads that are 6″ or longer, you can connect this pin directly to ground.

At 2V, 4 LEDs turn on. If all 10 LEDs are lit, this could mean full strength.

LED ‘Graph’ Circuits | Nuts & Volts Magazine

Grapj 15 shows the connections for making a LED bar-mode voltmeter. But when the output is not active then it remains open and floating.

Need to brush up on your electronics principles? Expanded-scale dot-mode vehicle voltmeter. Since the reference voltage is 5V and there are 10 LEDs, each 0. The internal stage potential divider of the IC is floating, with both ends externally available for maximum versatility, and can be powered from either the internal reference or from an external source or sources.

Email Required, but never shown. The less voltage, the less LEDs on. Figure 2 shows the same meter operating in the dot-graph xisplay the input voltage value is indicated by the relative position of a single illuminated LED. If desired, the unit can be activated by any one of the display LEDs, in which case, the alarm will activate whenever that or any higher LED is energized. Then when an output is active it will go low turning off the LED when I want it on.


Pin 9 is the mode pin. To do this without lots of inverters, use one opamp to invert your input voltage and add the full-scale voltage of the LM, and start your outputs from the other end. In this circuit, the alarm unit may take the form of a piezo siren unit that generates an acoustic alarm sound, or a gated astable switch unit that repeatedly switches the LED brightness between high and low levels under the over-range condition, or may be a combination of both of these units.

LM3914N – LM3914 Bar-Graph Display Driver

LM has open collector output on its pins If, for example, the top of the chain is connected to a l3914 source, the IC will function as a V meter if the low end of the chain is grounded, or as a restricted-range V meter if the low end of the chain is tied to a 5V source. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

RV1 thus enables the pin 7 voltage connected to the top of the internal divider to be varied from 1. The LM is an pin chip.