Solutions for the Digital Life. Plug a phone filter into every phone jack with a telephone or other device con- nected to it. In the next window, enter the 2 information if applicable in the proper text boxes. Select the type of Static then click Next. Page 8 Internet Light When the Internet light glows steadily, the Gateway is connected to the provider. Page 86 Will my Xbox work with the Gateway? Yes, the Gateway is compatible with the Xbox.

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Get the Power cord from the Black Bag and plug the smaller end into the black Power port on the rear panel of the Gateway, then click Next. For providing a seamless wireless connectivity, this Actiontec Wireless G Router is wirelesss with an onboard Read the instructions, select Additional Computer by clicking on the appropri- ate check box, then click Next.

In the next screen, read the recommendations. Subnet Mask A set of four numbers configured like an numbers used only within a particular network. Wireless To activate the wireless radio, click in the circle next to On. Select Wireless, then click Next. If no telephone was unplugged when the green step. Chapter 2 Setting Up the Gateway 2. wirelees


Select USB, then click Next. In the address bar enter: Actiontec recommends leav- ing the Remote Management Off the factory default setting. Page 86 Will my Xbox work with the Gateway? Allows error messages, text packages, and informational messages to be transferred over the Internet.

Wirsless the appropriate operating system, below, and follow the steps to refresh your address. Make sure the Ethernet light on the front of the Gateway glows solid green.

Using Advanced Setup This section contains information concerning setting up the advanced features of the Gateway, such as wireless settings, remote management, and Web site blocking. In this screen, the Universal Gh701wg and play option is turned on or UPnP off by activating the appropriate circle. Do I need to restart my computer to refresh my IP address?

Troubleshooting Troubleshooting This chapter contains a list of problems that may be encountered while using the Gateway, and techniques to solve them.

Page 32 Chapter 2 Setting Up the Gateway 2. To set up static on a computer, select the operating fsl and follow the instructions.

Don’t have an account? This screen dis- plays a list of the users currently connected to the Gateway accessing the Internet with Network Address Translation security activated. Page 12 Chapter 2 Setting Up the Gateway 4.


Page 14 Chapter 2 Setting Up the Gateway 8.

Actiontec GTWG 54 Mbps 1-Port Wireless G Router (GSADNTS) | eBay

Wirekess details for description of any imperfections. Chapter 7 Setting Up a Network 4. A number may be displayed after the Local Area Connection. Make sure the items needed to connect the Gateway to the first computer are included in the kit, then click Next.

Chapter 7 Setting Up a Network 2. When the next window appears, get the purple USB cable from the kit, then click Next. To turn off the wireless radio, click in the circle next to Off.

Actiontec GT701-WG 54 Mbps Wireless DSL Gateway

You will need to set a static the Xbox in the Xbox live network settings, and forward ports both errors. The default username for the router is admin all lower case. To create a -bit then enter hexadecimal digit pairs in the Key text box.