And the ailerons go pretty close to the root. Main difference to a LT is that the GB1 is fully aerobatic up to unlimited level, and has an empty weight of a SC. Can’t see from the published photos, but I’m thinking it may not have spades which would be quite radical for a design of this type. One last thought – the XA42 starts at roughly , euros before haggling. An LX was parked at Oshkosh and you could see a lot of folks adding it to their wishlist.

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An LX was parked at Oshkosh and you could see a lot of folks adding it to their wishlist.

An RC GB1 Gamebird? Designing (hopefully) the worlds best dtfb 3D plane. | FliteTest Forum

I then drew a bunch of lines and numbers on it to help me enlarge it to a 37 inch wing span. WilliamsRC New member Jul 27, It will be fascinating to see how the GB1 progresses.

The training flights I did in the Extra — we took off with gas in the wings and ran them as low as we could, but we were never really sure they were empty before doing acro. Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait.


DanielIsbell My wife thinks I’m at work! I will be trying an advanced foam technique to build a Gb1 Gamebird. I look forward to your build as that one has a unique and stylish look if you can pull that off with foam then that makes it even better. New guy or girl! Most of what is available doesn’t fly to good, or it is a profile plane, which doesn’t look as good as a scale plane.


I will attempt to make a round fusalage with alot of detail. The first is the GB1 GameBirda solid block of carbon fiber gamebid design and certification was funded by the Walmart family fortune. At Oshkosh there were a couple of realistic aerobatic options to which ordinary humans can aspire.

I reckon that fits the bill, but if ya rv build one go for it! I would love to get into 3D flying, but very few designs are available for foam board.

Realistic Aerobatic Excitement at Oshkosh (GB1 GameBird and LX) – Philip Greenspun’s Weblog

Discuss this article Printer-friendly version All gamebirdd by this author. I recently am designing a bomb with a round body for this years build competition that is coming along nicely for a first attempt.

I want to design a good looking, 3D capable, smooth plane that flies on rails. Lets see a Vid! Pricing will probably not be civilian-friendly!

The 25 gal acro tank is a huge plus. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies.


Rear of the canopy looks taller than the pilot to provide some protection in the event the airplane flips over. View attachment View attachment You are more then welcome to design one though as I am sure that partiicular model would generate great interest.

Realistic Aerobatic Excitement at Oshkosh (GB1 GameBird and L-39X)

One of our local experts looked at the GB1: Another reason for the new canopy design?. Here are the top and side views with my drawings. Game Composites is owned and funded by Steuart Walton grandson of Walmart founder, Sam Waltonwho is an avid full-scale 3D pilot and competes in gamebied British aerobatic-flying scene.

The sort of machine that you would need to be very talented and very well practiced to get the best out of. Resources Latest reviews Search resources. For pilkt better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

I see where I came across as putting down other designs, and I am sorry about that.

The Extra has Alright, so I found a top view and side view picture on www.