Finger grips on the front and back of the camera help keep the camera in your hand and feel comfortable. Why do my images appear blurry? Basically — it’s small, it’s very easy to use and most importantly, it works very well. Auto lets the camera decide for itself whether or not to fire the flash, but is not available when using the Macro function. For parts or not working. It has an optical viewfinder, with the option of live view on the LCD panel.

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A minor mention is that because of the large size of the battery compartment, the tripod mount digitaal moved slightly off center, which may or may not affect user operation. The preflash makes the irises in people’s eyes close down somewhat, reducing the likelihood of the reflections off the back of their eyeballs that is the cause of red-eye.

This figure dropped to only 2.

In most cameras, this delay allows time for the autofocus and autoexposure systems to do their work. Macro gets you as close as approximately 3. The advantage of the FlashPath is there are no cables to contend with, since it fits into your PC’s floppy drive.

Fujifilm MX 1200 1.3MP Digital Camera – Silver

Skip to main content. This playback zoom function can be very handy for checking your pictures for precise framing, or to make sure you’ve captured the shot you were looking for. The optical viewfinder features a center autofocus target dot as well as a side LED that lights green, orange or red, depending on the camera’s status.


The MX lacks the video-out capability of other Fuji cameras we’ve tested, but images can just as easily be mmx1200 on the computer. Protection prevents images from being accidentally erased, resized or manipulated in any other way.

The uncropped images will make dandy prints on today’s photo inkjets and the ones I printed at 4×6″ will give any film camera a run for its money. Executive Overview The 1. The Fujifilm is a 1. The timer can be cancelled after initiation by pressing the down arrow button. At maximum resolution and image quality, the shot-to-shot cycle time was only 4.

Slow even by serial-port standards. For sale is a Fujilfim MX digital camera. This article is a stub. A Fujinon fixed focus lens is built into the camera with a mx12000 length of 5.

A center dot in the viewfinder helps you with composition and reminds you where the exposure settings are concentrated. Used but in very good condtion.

In the case of the LCD display, we camra it tended to be a little misleading on the exposure when operating in viewfinder mode: Pressing the Display button again cancels this mode and returns the toggle control to its normal playback operation. The MX is slightly smaller than the Coolpix and considerably lighter in weight. Guji can take continuous sequence shots; manually adjust the flash digittal, red-eye reduction, forced flash, suppressed flash, and slow sync for night scenes ; change the white balance settings to accommodate the lighting situation; and select the exposure compensation to control brightness.


Finger grips on the front and back of the camera help keep the camera in your hand and feel comfortable. If the flash is set on Auto or Red-Eye Reduction when switching to Macro mode, the setting will automatically change to Suppressed it reverts back to the previous setting when Macro mode is cancelled. The lens is the usual wideangle variety found on most non-zoom cameras and provides excellent coverage for indoor shots but a little too much for most outdoor “scenic” type shots.

Digitl is one of the fastest times we’ve recorded for a digicam in this test. If you don’t tell the camera to save the image, it will be lost when the camera times-out and goes to sleep.

Fujifilm MX – – The free camera encyclopedia

The MX really shines in this area, as we clocked it at 0. To achieve this they used a new 1. The camera also used the well known features like auto white balance and auto exposure for automatic scene recognition function. If you’re pretty careful with your camera, as most people are, there’s probably not much to worry about, although we still prefer to see some sort of removable lens protection on cameras.