Search this Guide Search. If you want to combine keywords, choose more than one keyword and put those words together in a phrase using the word AND to connect them. Think also about quantity: Jot down a list of words to use for a search later. This is your search query or search phrase.

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What is the history of your topic and why should we care?

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For sh, do you need a database that finds articles in specific subject areas, or would a more general, multi-disciplinary database be appropriate? Scholarly Articles- what are they?

This euome your search query or search phrase. Research Process Provides a general orientation to Sterne Library and outlines the basics of information.

Assignment Calculator from U. What are others saying about your topic?

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Which tool is the most appropriate tool for your specific information needs? Databases do not speak the same language we do, so you have to take your topic, boil it down to its bare bones, and then use those keywords to conduct your search. Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences. The University of Minnesota has an online Assignment Calculator. This guide is designed to help connect you to library resources as well as other research resources you need to successfully complete scholarly research Use the tabs at the top of the page to navigate to each section.


If you want to combine keywords, choose more than one keyword and put those words together in a phrase using the word AND to connect them.

Each assignment has a tab that addresses the specifics of that argument based on your textbook readings. First, you need background information.

Features a discussion of the information cycle, an introduction to the research process, instructions on locating background information, and an explanation of the importance of citing.

Roombehind the Reference Desk. Whether you choose one topic or several, there are a steps to follow for every assignment. English Composition II Home. Formulate a few search queries and write them down. Second, you need to look at all points of view. If you have any questions or you get stuck, please contact a reference librarian ator you can contact me directly–see the box with my information on the right. Once you’ve decided on the type of sources you want and the tools you have to locate them, you need to formulate your search query.


Library Instruction Survey Loading Home English composition research guide. Example of a weak search query: What kind of information tools can you use to find the kinds of information sources you need? Finally, what is your position? Freshman Composition This library guide can assist you in your literature research paper.

Jot down a list of words to 1022 for a search later. Then, using the words you just listed, choose a keyword to begin your search. This guide will help you go through these steps. What is your topic? Dec 27, 1: Think also about quantity: The Essay Your English class will be made up of arguments.

Briefly state your topic in a sentence or two.