If you put the DivFix. The NNTP group that usually deals with these items is microsoft. After starting the program don’t click open this opens a filter graph. Free-Codecs If a video ‘occationally’ plays with lower quality or strange in any way, usually a nasty DirectShow Filter has obtruded on your system. And it’s very simple to program it. A commandline can be used for going directly to a folder or to play a file. Moved to DirectShow Development forum.

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Thursday, February 9, 9: Tuesday, February 14, 9: DirectShow is the uptodate interface that can properly handle multiple video and audio streams in a file.

Using the GoTo button you can go to before assigned folders.

Problems with mciSendString

Once you have identified the nasty filter, you can unregister this filter or lower its priority the merit. I am asking, because in the real time analysis, the speed becomes important. My question is, whether I should turn my attention to the DirectShow or work with, for instance, MCI or some other multimedia libraries? You can select several files too as known from the Windows Explorer which are played successive then.


Moved to DirectShow Development forum. You can integrate external applications thru the MCIbrowser. I use mciSendString for playing mp3 file. And it’s very simple to program it.

DirectShow Resource

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And yes, it has absolutely nci to do with DirectX where the question was originally posted. Length, new IntPtr 0 ; trackBar1. File without this tag play good.

Tim Roberts Length, new IntPtr 0. Using the CopyTo and MoveTo buttons you can move or copy files to before assigned folders. The volume control “File” is locally only, the others are system wide: Why two multimedia interfaces?

Tuesday, February 14, DigitalMedia a dot angeli at biosys dot net. Post by gutek I am facing a challenge of creating directsgow application to process video sequences, performing image processing segmentation, region detection, etc on individual frames, plus some motion analysis.

The contol you get by click on the speaker icon in the taskbar is the master volume control. I actually can’t find an appropriate group in existance on MSDN forums.


I have just a very basic knowledge on these two environments and before I do start doing something reasonable I would like to be sure that I am holding an appropriate tool in my hand. And if “position” point to header ID3v2. Sorry, but this seems like an odd place to move the question to.

MCIQTZDLL Download DirectShow MCI Driver 32bit

Back to the MCI-Browser: Wednesday, February 15, 5: This problem repeat for all my files. This posting is provided “AS IS” with no warranties, and confers no rights. Microsoft would call it ‘Favourites’ If a file is opened for write by another application Firectshow refuses to play the file even shared read access is allowed.