Linux workstation can add a printer locally using Ubuntu “add printer” wizard to look for printers that are shared via CUPS: Then click on Printer to run the troubleshooter. I suggest you to run the Printer Troubleshooter and check if it helps. Print drivers are offered to Windows workstations by the print server itself Samba calls this Point’n’Print. Clicking Yes will install a driver locally, not to the print server. When a printer is addressed by a Linux host by means of the SMB protocol, this is merely for data transfer.

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The -a parameter tells the program to add drivers for all available CUPS printers. Below is a summary of two methods covered within this article. The CUPS documentation recommends using them.

You had to have your pc up to szmba before you could access the upgrade to window CUPS allows creation of raw printers i. Double-click the icon corresponding to the printer you want to add. To a large extent, this decision depends on whether you share the printer using a PostScript queue or a rpint$ queue. Applied the update and restarted.


Getting CUPS to work with windows print servers. Some Windows PostScript printer drivers generate PostScript that can confuse Linux printer queues into thinking the file is plain text.

Installing a Printer via Windows Printer Sharing: Hi, I am sorry to know that you are unable to print. Specify a special printer driver? RattleCanFan Replied on October 8, The system defaults to installing the CUPS drivers from localhost to localhost. Select the driver for your printer sa,ba the list and click Next.

This thread is locked. When using a “smart printer” eg. I’m still having the same problem, even when printing via HTTP. Hence, only samga which have this privilege granted can upload and preconfigure printer drivers to a Samba server, just like it would be the case for a Windows print server. Did this solve your problem? Windows and most other operating systems ship with an array of printer drivers. Click Yes to continue the setup process.

Remains to setup CUPS.

The section will be focusing on is limited to Printers. In reply to RattleCanFan’s post on October 8, Restart the computer and check. The user interface for cups is accessed via an internet browser using the following url.


I consider the matter resolve but not fixed. Look for client-side options to disable a Ctrl-D before the print job.

Store Windows print driver on Samba for a CUPS print server – Unix & Linux Stack Exchange

In saba of errors when installing printer drivers, you may need to delete these files and start from scratch. This is true for both PostScript and non-PostScript drivers. Printers are listed via smbclient -L print-server -N ran from a Linux workstation. Do you know if there has been any fixes for this problem?

Samba shared printer fails to print in windows 10 after upgrade from 8.1

You must create these directories and set their permissions so that the user adding the drivers can write to them.

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