Combined remote control for wireless communication equipment and associated antenna. The two-dimensional Butler matrix is in turn coupled with an M: However, it is assumed that the systems shown in each of FIGS. The blocks in the flowcharts of FIG. Apparatus and methods for packaging antennas with integrated circuit chips for millimeter wave applications. In fact, this angle will vary significantly from site to site.

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To achieve wider angle coverage, multiple antennas may be used on one or both sides of the flat-panel repeater. In one embodiment, the gain block includes, as shown in FIG. Apparatus and method for canceling interference signal qstron micro integrated wireless communication repeater.

This allows the two antennas to be beam-steered toward the location of the base station and null sites. Generally speaking, M can, but does not have to equal N.

Thus, with four elements also on the opposite face not shownthis adds a total of 12 dBi of additional passive gain to the system, receivee can be used to reduce the required active gain by as much as 12 dB and also to reduce the required isolation by as much as 12 dB. Therefore, with a 15 dB margin, this type of system can utilize a total gain of up to 85 dB or more, which results in fairly large astrin and coverage.

USA1 – Repeaters for wireless communication systems – Google Patents

In the approach shown in FIG. In this embodiment, the gain of the low noise amplifiers and is 33 dB or greater, and the gain of the power amplifiers and is 43 dB or greater.

For user devices that are not astrno of an Ethernet, such as PCS subscriber units, the signals from the second antenna b are received by an Ethernet-to-PCS conversion unit shown in more detail in FIG.

The invention provides, on average, a 2. Methods and apparatus for inducing a fundamental wave mode on a transmission medium. Lastly, it is more aesthetic, than requiring wire runs to the unit. All the antenna elements in the array are coupled with a two-dimensional Butler matrix Alternatively, all the electronics can be integrated with just one of the antennas to further simplify the hardware and reduce the number of diplexers required.


However, along the symmetry wigeless of the printed wirelews board PCBthe dipoles have mirror azimuth beams, as shown in FIG. M array of dipoles on the base station side of the repeater may be sized to provide high gain and a directive beam to limit reflections from nearby objects such as walls and ceilings.

The delay line length for each antenna may be selected either independently or in unison with the selection of delay lines for other antennas, in response to suitable control signals C in much the same fashion as in FIG.

Measuring and controlling signal feedback between the transmit and receive antennas of a communications booster. The invention provides a radio frequency switched beam planar antenna system comprising a support structure, a plurality of antenna elements mounted to the support structure, a Butler matrix mounted to the support member, the Butler matrix having a plurality of inputs coupled respectively with the antenna elements and a plurality of outputs, and a radio frequency switching circuit mounted to the support structure and operatively coupled with the outputs of the Butler matrix and having a control port responsive to a control signal for causing the switching circuit to select one of the outputs of the Butler astrn at a time.


The signal repeating element of claim 7 wherein the at least one dipole transmit antenna element is a bow-tie dipole element. In another embodiment shown in FIG. It can be seen that the ground plane formed by the metal plate 25 is considerably larger than the antenna patches 23 and 24and the patches are positioned in the central region of the ground plane.

An antenna apparatus and method of configuring a transmission beam for the antenna apparatus. Other arrangements of snap-on, snap-off fasteners receiverr other mounting parts or mounting hardware may be utilized without departing from the invention. The applications mentioned above in 1 -4 are independent of frequency band.


Cellular communications system with centralized base stations and distributed antenna units.

While the present invention has been illustrated by a description of one or more embodiments thereof and while these embodiments have been described in considerable detail, they are not intended to restrict or in any way limit the scope of the appended claims to such detail.

In fact, this angle will vary significantly from site to site. Each secondary repeater receives the RE signal via a link antennaamplifies the RF signal to produce a second GPS signal and re-transmits the second GPS signal via a second broadcast antenna inside the structure Communication system and methods utilizing a reactively controlled directive array. Appropriate feeds such as coaxial cables or other suitable feedlines and respectively run from the antennas and to an electronics enclosure located at a lower part of the towerin which the repeater-associated electronic circuitry is located, which circuitry will be further described in connection with FIG.

Filters and are also provided between the hybrid coupler and the antennas andrespectively. Both allow very simple installation, by the customer. As can be seen most clearly in the sectional view in FIG.

The plane of the middle antenna is parallel to that of the base-station-facing antennabut the planes of the other two antennas and intersect the planes of antennas and at angles of about This type of transform is normally used in digital technologies to derive wirwless frequency response, X kfor a series of time domain inputs, x[i].