The time now is Also, The default was MME. Win 10 X64, i5 2. I have sonar platinum using scarlett 6i6 2nd gen. What is the latency on WDM? MME was invented by the Etruscans circa B. Like you said, “theoretically.

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What is the latency on WDM? Win 10 X64, i5 2. ASIO or go home. Ive only seen WDM.

It is by far the better choice. Also, I’ve owned Aardvark and M-Audio interfaces in the past. Also, The default was MME.


Sign in to disable this ad. I can hear playback through speakers but not during peview Headphones in 6i6 works for preview though. It all depends on the setup. Three cards, three different drivers, effectively the same performance.

The time now is Originally Posted by Sklathill. I will pile on with the “use ASIO”. I have sonar platinum using scarlett 6i6 2nd gen. Mme served asip well until around B. MME definately is highest latency of the two.



These days I’ve got my E-mu set to 4 ms. The audio and MIDI drivers are two totally separate things. All very helpful and even funny!

Best Forum out there Saio 3. I used the Aardvark and M-audio with Sonar 2. MME is a lot slower in terms of latency.

MME, which is better? User Control Panel Log out.

MME or ASIO? | Cakewalk Forums

Listen to my music on http: ASIO4ALL was introduced as an alternative that worked well for some but not for others; it was highly system-dependent. Sonar has supported ASIO since 2. Manitou Spgs, Colorado Status: God I love the humour this Forum generates at times.

Forums Posts Latest Posts. There was a really good thread that went over this thuroughly, see if you jme find it in a search in the computer forum. All times are GMT Best Forum out there. How come i havnt seen this feature yet when i have ran Sonar 3? Haven’t received registration validation E-mail?


Have Windows 10 – 64 bit.