Once download done, run This property is an integer enumeration. This property indicates the enabled states of the corresponding processor characteristics. The intent is to capture the details about the machine instructions exploited by the executables of the SoftwareElement. To find the the currently enabled features the processor, reffer to the EnabledProcessorCharacteristics property. When the value is True, the condition is expected to exist e. Array of enumerated values that describes the characteristics of the processor.

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Stepping is a free-form string that indicates the revision level of the Processor within the Processor.

CIM_Processor class

64/semlrontm/turiontm – the processor feature is disabled and cannot be used. Core Frequency Boosting – describes whether the processor has a capability for one processor core to increase its frequency whenever the other core has gone into an idle state. Identify the graphics controller of the computer.

This identifier can be unique only within a Processor Family. How to keep your computer Up-to-Date? Nvidia graphic controllers for laptop computer.

It is not reasonable that the same property can convey both identity and a user-friendly name, without inconsistencies. Click HERE [1] 2. Mot de passe perdu. When the value is False, the condition is not expected to exist e.


Class CIM_Processor

Note that the Name property of ManagedSystemElement is also defined as a user-friendly name. Note that if this property does not contain the value corresponding to a feature of the processor, than the feature either is not that some of the features 64/semprontm/turiomtm the processor may exist but may not be enabled. This property indicates the enabled states of the corresponding processor characteristics.

With its user-friendly interface and access to an extensive database, Driver Detective is designed to quickly locate the most up-to-date drivers for your computer system. The Caption property is a short textual description one- line string of the object. Help Desk 64s/emprontm/turiontm by Kayako Resolve.

Enhanced Virtualization – describes whether the processor has the capability for executing enhanced virtualization instructions.

Capabilities and management of the Processor LogicalDevice. Various subclasses of this class may override this property to make it required, or a key. The current speed in MHz of this Processor.

This property is an integer enumeration. If you do not have any problem with your games, please do not install this update. Enabled – the processor feature is enabled and could be used.


src/cpu/amd/model_fxx/processor_name.c – chromiumos/third_party/coreboot – Git at Google

64/optdrontm Each of the values in the ProcessorCharacteristics array property shall have its enabled state indicated in the corresponding element of this property array. Click Windows Start menu.

For example; if the ProcessorCharacteristics array has value – NX-bit – for the first element of the array, then the first element of this property will contain the value for the enabled state of the NX-bit feature of the processor: Once download done, run From the DirectX diagnostic tool, click Display tab. It is used when the Family property is set to 1 “Other”. Array of enumerated values that 64/sempronhm/turiontm the characteristics of the processor. Not Applicable – the processor feature does not have state context.

Update Realtek audio controllers drivers. Unknown – the processor feature is in unknown state. Nvidia graphics controllers for desktop computer.