Below are several examples of commercial systems available for users who do not want to build their own frontends. This problem appears to have been resolved in recent combinations of video card, Xorg, nVidia driver and MythTV e. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Since the video is encoded by the device, this bitrate can be reduced in the Recoding Profiles to allow use on slower hardware. Higher end Athlon XPs and Pentium 4s can handle this content as well.

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Unlike DVB broadcasts, the output of this device will be single sliced, meaning only one processor core can be used to decode it, presenting a more difficult challenge.

I’ve found that watching a recording in Kodi will mark it as watched in MythTV. With the Jarvis and Krypton releases, when Kodi first starts, and the pvr stuff is loading, menu changes, and especially trying to watch a movie or something locks it up hard here. Resolutions supported by the driver depend on the card in use. Retrieved from ” http: The MythTV setup guides are usually quite specific to the tuner you’re going to use. They are accustomed to non-advanced features that Apple just makes work and do not like to tinker.


Nvifia am going to try it on the Shield soon next time I am over there. The latest drivers support both methods of acceleration, so mmythtv users still benefit from the latest enhancements elsewhere in the code.

Below are several examples of commercial systems available for users who do not want to build their own frontends. For older driver versions or installations without nvidia-xconfig installed, one will have to manually edit their xorg.

Choosing Frontend Hardware – MythTV Official Wiki

Wikipedia has an article on: A Gossamer Threads company. On Wed, Feb 8, Wireless networks are not recommended. The following command gives an overview of the available packages:. A potentially different patch has also been submitted on alsa-devel that may find its way into the next version of alsa.

See this thread for further information. This decode API is used on Windows.

Beyond that, the system is going to start swapping heavily, and usability will plummet. Can I run the backend in a container. To disable the nVidia logo splash screen that is displayed when X is first initialized, you may use the following command to automatically edit your xorg.

Issue the following command:.


You may see a recommendation elsewhere to add a ppa to apt to allow the installation of the NVidia driver from an Ubuntu repository. Performance improvements allow dual video stream decoding and Picture-in-Picture mode.


I just activate the mythtv pvr in kodi. If you are running an earlier version of Ubuntu, or a flavor of Ubuntu that does not use the Unity desktop, including Mythbuntu, the installation of the drivers from the repository may not work.

Choosing Frontend Hardware

The 6xxx series of cards have the first chips nVidia has made which feature support for PureVideo a more broadly-applicable form of accelleration which can be used for h. I tested it on ds couple of years ago and ds had no problems running TVHeadend.

Which TV tuner are you planning to use? I run Kodi on Shields in a couple places. The availability of this allows older and slower systems, notably the ION platform, to remain useful with video content that far exceeds the capability of the processor.

It myrhtv possible to do this by running the following commands. Reboot into run-level 5 the X graphical level and enjoy.

You may be better off using the “official” NVidia drivers at the NVidia website or the standard NVidia proprietary drivers package in Ubuntu.