MS-7392 VER 1.2 DRIVER

M S M ainboard Equalizer Selection Equalizer frees users from default settings; users may create their owned preferred settings by utilizing this tool. And this is essential when multi- streaming playback enabled. Click the button you need. M S M ainboard Microphone In this tab you may set the function of the microphone. Maintaining the viability of a digital signal prevents the quality of the signal from degrading when it is converted to analog.

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Note that the align- ment keys are matched. On the underside, it shows the graphs of the temperatures.

MSI MS-7392 User Manual

Page 80 M S M ainboard Mixer In the Mixer part, you may adjust the volumes of verr rear and front panels individually. Page 82 M S M ainboard 3. You may also select different environment to choose the most suitable environment you like.

Md-7392 Instructions Safety Instructions Always read the safety instructions carefully. W hen ,s-7392 motherboard detects CPU is running programs, it will speed up CPU automatically to make the program run smoothly and faster.

After reading the license agreement in the following window, click Yes button to continue. Integrated Peripherals Use this menu to specify your settings for integrated peripherals. You will be prompted to confirm the password. Click the audio icon from the system tray at the lower-right corner of the screen to activate the HD Audio Configuration.


Support For P31 Neo V2 | Motherboard – The world leader in motherboard design | MSI Global

There will be several items for you to select for overclocking after you click button. Page M S M ainboard The window shows the components to be installed. Hardware Setup Chapter 2 Hardware Setup This chapter provides you with the information about hardware setup procedures.

M S M ainboard Mixer In the Mixer part, you may adjust the volumes of the rear and front panels individually. You may need to run the Setup program when: The write efficiency depends heavily on the amount of memory in the machine, and the usage pattern of the array.

MSI BIOS for MSI Motherboards MS-7392

M S M ainboard expensive requiring read-in prior to write, in order to be able to calculate the correct parity informationor similar to RAID-1 writes. For this reason, you cannot remove or un-install this driver from the system after installation; however, you will have verr ability to un-install all other non-driver components.

Realtek ALC Audio Hardware Setup Connecting the Speakers W hen you have set the Multi-Channel Audio Function mode properly in the software utility, connect your speakers to the correct phone jacks in accordance with the setting in software utility.

Don’t have an account? Click Finish to restart the system. JCI1 1.2 connector connects to a 2-pin chassis switch.

To re- establish data mirroring and restore data redundancy, refer to the procedure below that corresponds to the current situation. Realtek ALC Audio 4. You can choose a desired multi-channel operation here.


The system will record this status and show a warning mes- sage on the screen. Align the holes on the mainboard onto the load plate, and then se- with the heatsink. The settings had been set to optimal values to reac h better performanc e in eac h environment. If you install a graphics card of other brand, only hardware status of the MSI mainboard would be available. W hen you are install- ing the CPU, make sure to install the cooler to prevent overheating.

W hen the system temperature exceeds the threshold you defined, the system will pop up a warning message and shut down the system.

The memory module has only one notch on the center and will only fit in the right orientation. Playback control Playback ms-73392 Tool Mute This function is to let you freely decide which ports to output the sound. Lift the load lever up and open the 6. The setting of the field will automatically return to [Enabled] later.

And you can select desired value for overclocking.