Sava sava-f wrote on I confirm that replacing NetworkManager with Wicd resolv problems with slow speed on my wifi intel ABG wifi card spec: As it has been mentioned before sometimes it can get normal speeds for some time and then all of a sudden get really slow. Ubuntu precise development branch Release: Solution in post works almost for me i’ve tried other supposed solutions on internet but nothing worked I say almost because on win7 x64 I have speeds of kbps in download Before trying steps in post I obtained kbps after I obtained so it is at least usable even if not perfect yet root ubuntu: If the wireless driver is not automatically initiated, try “modprobe ipw” If you get an error, go ahead and install your kernel sources and kernel header files, and install the Intel driver from here:

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[ubuntu] [SOLVED] iwl Intel(R) PRO/Wireless ABG – doesn’t work

I’ve had occasional problems, through, with earlier versions of Ubuntu. It will allow additional upstream developers to examine the issue. You have the same subsystem that I have, Sometimes those problems were resolved by unloading and reloading the driver module:.


Other Intel wireless project linkx The three patches below in Patches were provided by Mattiaa Dongili to correct this behavior.

Sorry to barge in the Ubuntu bug reports, but i had to say thanks. Then i tried adding nvidia.

Anyway got things working again with this instructions here and turning on the small switch, never even noticed that thing under dirt.

I’m very frustrated too Achim ach1m wrote on The development is 9345abg to the iwlwifi project no binary daemon required!

Microcode SW error detected. More or less its ok.

I was one of the first if not the first to discover that Network Manager was causing or at least augmenting the linhx. Lucid and previous releases worked fine.

Intel Corporation PRO/Wireless ABG – Gentoo Wiki

Open Source Consulting Domain Registration. Nick, so the culprit is linxu linux-lts- backport- maverick then? Those are the kernel and wireless module that installed in my lucid right now. Thank you very much My output: I apparently installed realtek driver besides the intel driver.

Slow Wireless Connection in Intel abg. And it was so simple If you have made a lot of changes, I would also suggest starting over and booting a live CD and try to apply the fixes to the live CD to see if you can get something to work. Once testing of the upstream kernel is complete, please mark this bug’s Status as Confirmed.


How to install Intel PRO ipw3945 wireless drivers

According to another AskUbuntu post [1] by user, you simply need to disable the power management for your wireless device:. Check if the wireless card is actually blocked. According to another AskUbuntu post [1] by user, you simply need to disable the power management for your wireless device: Patches The patch copied from Redhat’s bugzilla.

You are currently viewing LQ as a guest. It still happens even with 2. It has been some time since I posted here, but I finally took the time to update to Hi, I’ve had lots of experience with Intel drivers.

The binary user space regulatory daemon, available here. Fixed possible memory corruption on bit systems. Since I’ve upgraded from Sebastian Wiesinger sebastianw wrote on