In case of file corruption you can press and hold the start button and you will be presented with format menu that allows you to format the card. Does the normal Moonshell 1. A short history lesson; The G6team and the M3 team and SuperCard Team are the producers of the most well known set of flashcards. It has all your games, and the options are at the top right corner. This means that the “bar” in front of the pins has enough freedom to move around and come in front of the connector pins. Now to the G6DS real’s cheat system.

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G6DS Real is a really good slot-1 card for a reasonable price with variety rsal features. This is highly annoying if you have many games.

Capacity flash cards were on the adjustment, mainly because many users Gb and GB concept is confusing, so this so-called GB unit unified computer system, in fact, 1GB or 8Gb. Does the normal Moonshell 1. Then swipe left to go back, swipe right to access recent apps, or tap once to go cadr.

Always make sure that the card is properly inserted otherwise the linker may not install properly. Ericthegreat Nov 13, Features Built in extra features of the NDS media adapter card.

Something that is worth mentioning separately though is the fact that the G6DS also works properly without any problems under Linux.

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Personally I wouldn’t use this feature but if you are using your G6 with two people I reaader see why this is useful and as it also works without problems who am I to complain: If all the promised features are released in the next month, which is a very high possibility, this cart can easily be the greatest in the market.


Although these are formats used in the day of the GBAMP V2 it is fun to see that the G6 team have tried to keep up support for their older products features.

Although I acrd the possibility to be able to change the information in the database and be able to set the save size myself it would have been nice if the SC team would have made an autodetect feature. Since it is so natural to caed U disk and U disk file is the same as copy and paste, and through an independent writer users can conveniently copy various files to flash cards and portable, even without NDS host can also be used as U disk to use alone a.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. No need to update the save type database file frequently.

In conclusion, I would say, the G6DS Real is a very good product, and definitely worth looking at and perhaps even buying it. As for the “patching” options reeal units are capable to run games unaltered, patched-on-card for things like “in game reset”, cheats, slowmotion. If you like the Gigabyte measurement and not the Gigabit like me.

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cadr Then you see the famous TouchPod screen as well as a toned-down version of the G6 loader. Similar threads with keywords: As for the cheat system there is no clear winner. It was not surprising that they would release a slot 1 version of their cart, and that they boast that it would be the best, however, the surprising news of the price is what shocked users. If you choose to enable them they will be set the minute you game starts. Speaking of the latest package of FC card is actually no stranger, this is long and we mentioned independent version of FC burner suit.


Just Drag ‘n Drop file from PC to flash memory card. Now that isn’t as nice as autopatching but it is better then no FAT support at all. Of course not, Do not worry, this reade normal, because the FAT system, which accounts for the cluster changed much, which is nothing to file down.

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I will therefor also take into account experiences of other, highly trustworthy, sources. All readrr their products were high in price, and also some of the best carts ever, even today, they remain an excellent choice. Therefor not too long ago the SuperCard team rereleased their product with a new packaging and new PCB design. I am however sorry to say that this is something which I have been unable to use. Compare DS Pass Keys. The specs are fairly similar of both units, but the main difference is as always that the G6 uses internal memory available in 1 and 2 gigabyte versions whereas the SuperCard uses microSD cards.

The cagd of course is different from one online shop to another. This is something I have yet to see in other reviews, which is strange as it is an advertised feature.

Also the save file size of an unknown game is not detected by the SC-DS one but will have to be set by hand.