Sound is working again: No errors also during the reboot. Broadcom Corporation BCM I’ll add my name to the list. The linux-backports -modules got me sound on my fresh install of Gutsy on a Dell Latitude D, but sound mixing is all fouled up. I have a similar problem, the difference is that the sound does work fine from the built-in speakers, but they won’t come out of the headphone jack. Display Both nVidia cards are working out of the box.

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Overall Status

Intel Rell H ICH8 Family HD Audio Controller rev 02 Works fine in Feisty and previous Gutsy kernels, bar extremly bad distortion without droping the audio volume immensly hence having to crank my amp a lot higer than it should be.

I also confirm that it can still be cured by getting ftp: Test different “Sound Servers”: Worth to mention though, I can not mute the speakers without also muting the headphones, or wise versa. Sorry, mirror isn’t up to date, for now, i need wait for some others packages, and, after i can update my kernel.

Compiling the alsa drivers depl said in the post in this thread: I also noticed one thing: If I un-mute the main volume while one set of headphones are plugged in, plugging in a second set of headphones 8280h not automatically mute the main volume.


There are also CD controls, etc. It looks like I just needed to re-adjust the volume settings in Kmix they must have been re-defaulted when I upgraded to 8. Any suggestions would really be appreciated. Other bug subscribers Subscribe someone else.

Sound card is not found in Gutsy. Using “good” headphones does not let me hear anything, otherwise the outputs are as above for festuc. However, I do not yet have sound enabled for the headphones, and the microphones do not work drll.

I’m on an Acer Aspire I installed the linux-backports -modules package in Synaptics. I can confirm post by smolloy and Roger E Critchlow Jr. On my machine which is an ACER G laptop everything works fine – I’ve got the appropriate module installed in the system snd -hda -intel However, there’s a trap in this – Sound works 8801h but only with external speakers or headphones plugged in, otherwise the system seems to be rather muted, but no channel is.

Ubuntu on my Dell Latitude D630

Core Components Boot Standard Kernel: I had sound on the same machine with Feisty. It’s almost like one of these hardware volume buttons is stuck, but it’s not. Brian Murray brian-murray wrote on I haven’t tested the mic yet.


I’l tell u when it’s up again if it gets up again. Download full text 8. Almacha almacha wrote on Previously all I had was generic not the version but for some reason the system has decided to choose on it’s own and set it to default. Same applies for me.

Installed linux will not boot. Installing the backports did not enable sound.

InstallingDebianOn/Dell/XPSm – Debian Wiki

Then refresh the package list and install linux-backports -modules. The Sound Juicer CD player app’s volume control is also able to control the main speaker output. No errors also during the reboot. To have iwlwifi you need a recent kernel, with iwlwifi, and after just install firmware-iwlwifi.