They should take at least Audigy card with WDM drivers. Last edited by Kpalsm; 29th April at When Disc Detector is installed in your computer, the Autorun or Autoplay feature in Windows may become disabled. There are even special unnoficial KX drivers which, unfortunately, do not support DirectSound where the channels are interchanged by default. Increasing a size of the buffer didn’t help much though it unloaded the processor. Unfortunately, the input-to-output measurements for inexpensive sound cards and devices are unsuccessful. They allowed us to compare the sound by switching between the codec and the front output.

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Red Deer, Alberta, Canada Posts: And why, would you ask us? If someone can supply me with the cd iso I will make it available for other people to download. However, if a device is of poor quality, it will be noticeable in the beginning.

The system performance will also improve. The specification gives quite good parameters, much better blastsr for creativw of different AC’97 codecs. For listening to multichannel games, DVD movies and Internet radio with the Extigy it’s necessary to provide: I recommend to repeat the experiment only to users who know radio electronics quite well.


Contrary to external units of Live! It’s like a video card working in the x mode which renders an image for x and uses interpolation for the higher resolution.

Creative Labs Sound Blaster Extigy Review | ZDNet

Many thanks Zoe Main website To decode a multichannel sound on a program level you must set the “6 speakers” mode.

Second Encounter and Unreal Tournament 4. Creative Play Center is the third version of the Creative’s player which first appeared in the Audigy series.

The headphone jack has an electronic switch which turn off a signal to the speakers when the headphones are connected. Fortunately, quality of the soft MIDI synthesis of the Extigy is better than it was in the previous generations. Find More Posts by Rocker. The Extigy makes some attempts, but the outcome is terrible with the current drivers. We were mostly interested in difference in sounding of the Audigy and Extigy.

Very good crextive detail Very good results! Everyone, get over here for the picture! Some once brilliant Live! All these functions can work only when using Creative Play Center. The remote control is simple and clear, buttons are easy to press, and it’s possible to navigate easily even in the dark, for example, when you watch DVD movies.

Something have a CD copy in. The hardware decoder must be using a compressor because the sound it produces is too loud and clear. That is why a signal coming from computer sound devices can be considered high-quality in regard to Hi-Fi and Hi-End equipment. Probably it’s because of the platform GeForce3 Ti, AthlonMBytes memorywhile there can be problems on a weaker machine. Any help would be appreciated.


Creative Soundblaster Extigy SB0130 Sound Blaster

Find More Posts by Widdykats. Zoe, youre the best! They can’t be used in a real time mode or from other applications. This plug-ins work with considerable time delay so we suppose that the effects except reverb have software nature like Winamp’s DSP plug-ins. Creative Remote Center controls the Extigy creatlve a remote control.

I got “one” from the creative site, and it enables the card so it works that’s what I’m running at the mo but the full cd allows the output to be set to creahive identical stereo outputs instead of 4. VATa fair price tag.