Which one was more accurate? Big Bertha Alpha Double Black Diamond is the perfect choice if you need ultra low spin to maximize distance. Write a Review Rate This Product: Leslie Chow Oct 7, at 2: When I buy a G30 driver, I know the G35 will be out in 2 years. LB Oct 1, at Just like drivers from Callaway, TaylorMade, etc.

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The length was a tad long for me so I felt like I was swinging a long pendulum club. My shaft is the Speeder which is supposedly a bit stiffer than the but not too bad and it feels okay. I question the results with the V Series alppha I think that club takes a little bit of work to get accustomed to it.

Callaway Big Bertha Alpha 815 Double Black Diamond Driver

View All Custom Shafts. Since the game of golf is about distance and direction, from a practical application to distance smash factor is just one of several variables a golfer can change as each golfer is different and for some a lighter head sacrificing SF but significantly increase club head speed maybe more beneficial whereas a golfer with a lot of speed and poor direction might try to increase SF with a shorter heavier club which maintains distance through better contact to make up for the loss in club speed due to the shorter shaft.

I think it is based on case by case or sport by sport. In these series of articles, I will be taking you around the Emerald Isle providing you with great golf diiamond The Callaway Big Bertha Alpha driver is not only a tongue twister, but the next in line of the latest range of drivers to bear the rejuvenated Big Bertha name.


If you hit gertha the center of the face the ball just goes and goes.

Golfraven Oct 3, at 6: Since a heavier ball produces less resistance to drag it will be longer companies maxed out the legal limit of the ball so ball weight is a constant. Here are few posts from the thread, but make sure to check out the entire discussion and have your say at the link below. Also like a sleek motorcycle racing jacket with speed stripes and all. I think what I was saying basically is you can get NEW golf equipment cheaper now than you could 15 years ago. This lead to a theoretical smash factor of 1.

You think the points of view are boring, but you respond to them to start argument. Its a no brainier that if you wait until a product is beertha or discontinued it will be cheaper. Thought dallaway might of been a fluke, but next ball went 50 yards farther. It has the potential to absolutely bomb the ball, but the forgiveness isn’t much. MHendon Oct 4, at 9: Equipment 2 weeks ago.

Callaway launches a new X Forged UT driving iron. Robeli Oct 2, at Hey but glad to know I doublr a fan Rich! Otherwise I am stocking with the new — bring it on. With a nice smooth swing I hit the ball 40 yards farther. You are absolutely correct.


Callaway Big Bertha Alpha Double Black Diamond Driver – IGolfReviews

Its all just so much horse manure for the average golfer who will not, cannot, and would not buy a new driver every other month. That validated that there was value in having this Gravity Core. Rich Oct 2, at bertja Just bought a nice used double black 9.

With the G30 tests dispersion was one of the main factors to evaluate.

Sammy Moon Oct 9, at 9: Not impressed with the names but the shaft selection is nice ill stick w my g30 and motore speeder ts 7. When people stop buying the new clubs that come out every few months maybe clubs companies will stop with that marketing plan.

I felt the head was flatter than most and the view at address exuded a longer club. Got the club at a steal at the end of summer, simply the best game improvement club I have ever had.