Emphasizing the exceptional value of AMCI’s Allen-Bradley compatible stepper motion drives, Rockwell Automation has officially recognized all six of the company’s drives as certified Encompass Program products. Inputs are latchable and changes occur when power is cycled. When combined with an IDEC FC6A PLC and its embedded motion control software modules, these products allow users to quickly and simply implement single- and multi-axis motion control in a wide range of industries and applications. Like many other AMCI control products, these high performance stepper controllers utilize Rockwell Automation licensed technology and are recognized by the Encompass Program. The Rockwell Automation Group, corporate parent of Allen-Bradley, recently accepted AMCI’s entire line of stepper motor drives into their Encompass Program , establishing the company as a global partner supporting stepper motor control on the factory floor.

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AMCI has filled the void by offering the series stepper control module. Stepper Motor Drivers specify the amount of Current that they output to a stepper motor in eith Incorporating a Vdc motor supply bus, the SD provides stepper motors with plenty of power. This combination of stepper motor driver and stepper motor provides the best performance for your application. Through collaboration with Rockwell Automation, AMCI helps its customers improve time to market, lower total cost of ownership, better manage assets and minimize manufacturing business risk.


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Company About Us History Partners. Pricing is US Domestic only Save. Motion Controllers Learn More. A wide range of available stepper motor controller commands and benchmark dependability come standard on these high performance controllers.

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RMS or Peak Current? SD Stepper Motor Driver. Readily accessible DIP switches are an integrated feature that enable easy motor current and microstepping selection. Speeds up to 50 rps rpm 16 user selectable step resolutions up to 50, Srepper frequency up to 2MHz V bus Outputs current up to 4.

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Microstepping Stepper Motor Drive – 4. The two or four-axis stepper motor controller module can control velocity and position of two or four stepper motors simultaneously note: See tutorial on bottom of page for more info. Select the right product for your application Pay by credit card using your Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or American Express Coordinate alternative payment methods P. Performance, price, and product all combine to offer you the best value.

It can accept encoder feedback to provides stall detection and move verification. Stepper Motors Motlr More. These motors have been tested and selected steoper perfectly match the electrical requirements of the SD Description Specs Accessories Ordering Resources. Advanced Micro Controls Inc, a Connecticut based industrial controls company, has fortified their position as the premier manufacturer of Allen Bradley compatible stepper motor control products.


Inclusion into the Encompass Program is contingent on several criteria, specifying that a product must deliver unique functionality supported by a reputable, sound company – AMCI.

We’ll advise on product selection, alternatives, lead times, and present you with point of purchase options. Until now, anybody looking for a stepper controller solution to A-B’s ContolLogix platform was out of luck L6 Series Oversize heads.

AMCI designs and manufactures everything you need to easily Many industrial applications require motion control, but users are often frustrated by the complexity and high cost of implementation. AMCI’s sales team takes the hassle out of placing your order. Advanced Micro Controls Inc. Following the industry-wide success of their PLC stepper control modules, customers began looking to AMCI for other stepper amfi solutions.

The same design that positions the series plc modules as a winning choice for stepper applications, also meets the demands of a servo controller for the ControlLogix PLC. AMCI’s sales team takes the hassle out of placing your order. A, B, and Z differential inputs na DC supply requirements 0.