If so, we’ll write a one-line file and make it persistent. However these all came with the Broadcom BCM wireless card and there are issues. With this default setup, when starting a slideshow, you will see either nothing, or a white screen, or a black screen! Get out of top with q. That’s exactly the weakest spot in a netbook. I upgraded to

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Displayed by connection info right clicking wifi icon. It works perfectly with Ubuntu Now, this does not mean Ubuntu does not run on the Aspire One. This is probably a codec issue and not a fault of Ubuntu or the netbook.

The keys are larger than the LTU which make it easy to type, but noticeable keyboard flex is present. Only full-screen Flash videos are jerky.

It required a few tweaks to get it working In another post Axpire will talk about the various customizations and little fixes I implemented in my installation of Fedora 16, LXDE spin.

Legacy BD does not play, but then again, no Blu-ray has ever played well in Linux for me. There is a problem with blacklisted drivers. To be on the safe side, make sure you run kernel 2.


For me, Ubuntu Doing this, Flash 11 videos play smoothly at full screen no matter the resolution. How well does Linux run on the Acer Aspire One ?

Acer Aspire One Netbook with Ubuntu Linux – Black (Refurbished)

Unfortunately, the meaning and contents of these registers varies on each Aspire One models, however they may be equal on Aspire One and Finished traveling and ready to wideless the battery? It was manufactured 2.

We recommend to install Jupiter see the Recommended tweaks section and follow the link ubutu zzarko’s guide.

That makes sense- if it is enabled you should get an error message at every startup saying something about “PXE not detected”. That would rule it in or out quickly. First, set the Network Boot as the first one in the boot priority order: AA1 to be merged Old Home. New Vegas is completely playable, but for areas containing ond activity and motion, the framerate suffers, and the game becomes hard to control. My goal was to achieve something similar to Ultrabook spec in power and portability, but for considerably cheaper.


I’m going to try one more time with Please open a terminal and run and post: Columns correspond to the support status in various Ubuntu versions. However, it is important to set the wireless adapter as the first boot device in BIOS to avoid any unexpected issues.

Linux on Acer Aspire One 722-0369

I later found out that the network issue can be avoided by setting the network boot option to first in the BIOS. AR Wireless Network Adapter rev 01 freezes the system. Booting USB media installation. I am using Slow Unity with Catalyst drivers.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Dynamic frequency switching depending on GPU load. You’re getting that at boot? Note the following about headphones and microphone internal or external.

It plays as good as on a desktop.