Just once I would like to be right All trademarks are property of their respective companies. I’ve experience first hand Rockwell’s legendary support of legacy products countless times. How gradual to you want? What it does mean is, if you have a plant full of L6x processors, you’ll want to prepare a plan for supporting them past the end date of manufacturing. I didn’t realize that the hardware to support such antiques had already become so expensive. Dustin is right on.

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How many PLC manufactures are still fully supporting their 25 to 35 year old models with a two year forecast of when they can no longer make them and a staggered migration plan before new stock will no longer be delivered?

If all the products in your system currently use CompactFlash memory cards, then the L6x has you covered as it comes with a CompactFlash slot card sold separately. I us V19 with all the L7x, I have a lot of them for sale What it does mean is, if you have a plant full of L6x processors, you’ll want to prepare a plan for supporting them past the end date of manufacturing.

The L64 series B supportsand the L65 series B supports Greetings, I have historically used the L61 process on projects and it appears to have been the hsb choice in terms of price to features required for my projects.


Saturday, December 29, Communicate and 1756-l7xx over Data Highway Plus using That doesn’t mean Rockwell won’t repair, exchange, or support these units into and beyond. They’ve been doing it for years and considering the industry, it’s probably the only way to get people to move forward.

Rockwell Automation 1756-L7x GuardLogix 5570 Controllers User Manual

What’s New in View, AF Click HERE to post a comment or question. We have watched the price of the PLC-5 rise gradually over ten years and you still have a few months or years left to continue to buy them brand new for what, 4 times the cost of a few hour of downtime?

DF1 to Ethernet video. Yeah, who wants more performance at less cost! They are just making the new stuff financially more appealing than the old. So the new stuff is cheaper than the old, the old is still available and it’s not like there are substantially different features between an L61 and L71 serial port?? Firmware revision might be the only potential major gotcha.

Rockwell Automation

The only one I can see at the moment is if you use the serial port on the L6x series since the L7x does not have one. It has to be close to 2 years that they have been rolling out the 1756-lx series of processors so how people didn’t see this coming is a mystery to me.


What’s New with Logix and View? How gradual to you want? Also, anyone automating a holiday display? I don’t have V20 even loaded on that PC maybe?

Just once I would like to be right Recently I received a quote on the L71 processor and noticed it is now cheaper than the L61 processor. Ken, your right, but changes should be gradual not like that i.

Five Questions Before Migrating To ControlLogix L7x

Are 1756-7x any “gotchas” when moving to the L7x series from the L6x series? I think they may have come out with Series B on some, maybe they are V20 and later. Dustin is right on. So if you’ve currently standardized on the L6x family with either version 17 or 18, you’ll have to make a conscious decision to add v20 if you want the option of using all of the current L7x processors.

The new model being more cost effective than the old. On Rockwell’s lifecycle status page, www.

Very easy, Rockwell is forcing us to buy L71 in order to discontinue L However, Rockwell is certainly not “forcing” anyone to do anything.